From archaeological findings we know that people have been drinking beer for more than 5000 years. Through the ages beer have been a part of meals, whether you were a peasant or nobleman and whether you were eating royal food or homemade dishes. Beer is for everyone and there is a beer type for everything - from light wheat beer to dark stout.
GourmetBryggeriet wants to bring beer back on the table. Here you can read about our delicious beer. This is our mobile website - if you are visiting our site on a desktop, you will also get wonderful recipes that fits our GB beer. The beer of GourmetBryggeriet can be bought in select stores and cafes.

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The thing about beer is the hops, the yeast, the barley, the malting, the brewing, the fermentation, the aging process and the the bottling, not to forget the occasion for a great talk over a delicious glass of beer and good food.
Like wine, beer can offer contrasts to food: bitter beer to fatter dishes, sweet beer to saltier dishes etc. There is no limit when you are composing great food with delicious beer. In most cases there is a beer that can match the dish you are serving.
Beer is "born" with foam and therefore it should be served with foam on top. We are tasting with our eyes and because a beer with beautiful foam looks better, it will therefore also taste better.

GourmetBryggeriet was founded by gourmet chef and restaurateur Lars Dietrichsen and brewmaster Michael Knoth in spring 2005, and the first beers Bock2 and FinAle were on the shelves in select stores from September 2005. GourmetBryggeriet's mission was to brew beer that goes well with food and to bring beer back on the table.

GB's payoff is Beer • Food • People – these are the three elements that underlined the whole philosophy to enjoy good food with beer and to drink beer with food. They also wrote a Danish cookbook entitled "Drik øl til… " (Beer goes well with…).

The brewery grew rapidly and already after the first year, production increased by more than 500% and made GB the largest Danish microbrewery. Shortly after, they started brewing new types of beer and developing new tastes and beer styles inspired by the German, American and Belgian beer traditions.

GB beer quickly gained many fans who all had their favourite beer in GourmetBryggeriet's universe of classic, spicy and dark vinous beers.

In 2009, GourmetBryggeriet was purchased by Harboe Brewery A/S, which saw the opportunity to develop a new and modern brand with specialty beers – but also a brand that could help Harboe Brewery A/S enter new markets with new customers and new business opportunities.

Harboe Brewery A/S has continued the GB brand in its original form and maintained the Beer-Food-People philosophy, and today, 10 years after, GourmetBryggeriet's products are still available in a variety of retail shops and specialty stores in Denmark as well as in restaurants and cafes.

GourmetBryggeriet has previously collaborated with the Belgian brewer Het Anker, and in 2014 Harboe resumed this cooperation and has now launched six new beers, brewed using 1400 century Belgian beer traditions. All in attractive 75 cl. bottles with a champagne cork.

The brewing of all other GB beers was relocated to our Estonian microbrewery in 2012. In this small flexible brewery, we have gathered all our expertise and experience as regards specialty beer, and we focus entirely on quality and new types of beer. Beer that is adapted to the changes in our food culture, ingredients, flavour trends, ecology, lower alcohol content etc.

Our ambition is to brew the best and widest range of craft beers for all cultures.

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